What Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home in Cobb County

Top Common Home Seller Mistakes

Mistake 1: Over Pricing

Oops-SquareOf course you would like to get the most amount of money for your home – you’ve taken care of it, maintained it over the years, added upgrades and have enjoyed many happy memories in it.  While you do deserve to get the most for your home, you don’t want to be your own reason for getting less for your house than you hoped.  Sellers need to understand that a listing reaches the most amount of potential buyers within the first week or two of putting their house on the market.  Once you begin to receive multiple showings and no offers, that is usually a very good indication that your house is overpriced.  When a potential buyer dismisses your house as being overpriced, you may never get that buyer back again. Overpriced homes lead to a house sitting on the market longer than expected and eventually to price reductions.  While the seller is playing hard ball, what they do not realize is that they are carrying the cost of their mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities, etc. In the long run, an overpriced home seller loses more than if they had priced their home right the first time around.

Mistake 2: Poor Marketing

When you decide to sell such a big investment, why would you not want it to look its best?  Since you gain the most amount of potential buyers within the first couple of weeks, you want to make sure that your property leaves a lasting impression.  Hiring a Realtor® who will take professional photos, videos and advertisements is a must!  Remember, you may be competing with the house two doors down or the short sale in your neighborhood.  Hire a Realtor® who will represent you and your property with professionalism.

Mistake 3: Poor Staging

I can’t tell you what a turn off it is to home buyers to walk into a home that is dirty, un-kept, has closets spilling over with clutter, dishes in the sink, dirty bathrooms and yes…even have a bad smell.  When selling your home, next to pricing it right you want to make sure it is welcoming and appealing to home buyers.  It may require a little bit more effort on your part to always have your home magazine ready, but I promise you it will pay off in the long run.  Always tidy up, make sure beds are made, dishes are put away, carpets are vacuumed, bathrooms are clean, lights are on and blinds are open to mention a few.

Mistake 4: Making it Uncomfortable for Home Buyers to Preview Your Home

Have you ever been to a department store and have a sales person follow you around? Uncomfortable, isn’t it? (unless you need their help then).  Home buyers do not need a chauffeur, that’s what their real estate agent is there for.  More than likely the buyer’s agent knows what other homes in your neighborhood look like and are quite qualified to show your home to their client.  Buyers want to envision themselves in your home (remember, you want your house to become their home). Don’t hover!  Buyers spend far more time in a home that they can view privately.  If you have prepared a Seller’s Property Disclosure, potential buyers and their agents know the pros and cons to your home and a good buyer’s agent will be sure to point out the positive.

Mistake 5:  Showing When It Is Convenient to You

I understand that you only want to show your house between 2pm and 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon.  I know…that’s a stretch, but I cannot tell you how many times I have called another agent to schedule an appointment and the seller has overly strict showing rules.  Once you lose the opportunity to show your house, you may never get it back and you may have just lost your perfect buyer.  If you must be particular about when your house is shown, be flexible.

Mistake 6: Trying to Sell to a Door Knocker

Hiring a professional Realtor® ensures that your home will only be shown to buyers who are working with an agent.  Showing agents should only be allowed to enter your home via the secure lockbox that is installed by your Realtor.  When someone knocks on your door asking to preview your home, don’t let them in! (unless of course you do not value your life or your property). If a Door Knocker comes knocking, tell them to call their Realtor® for a showing, if they don’t have one HAVE THEM CALL YOURS!  You’ve hired a professional, let her do her job! Don’t risk your safety and don’t risk negotiating terms and conditions that your Realtor® is trained to do.

Mistake 7:  Choosing a Realtor® that Does Not Know How to Market Your Home for Today’s Tech-Savvy Buyer

In the old days of selling a house, home sellers wanted to make sure that their Realtor® held an open house and advertised in the Sunday newspaper.  I’m not saying that won’t get your house sold, but today’s tech savvy buyers are mentally buyer their next home online.  You need a tech-savvy Realtor® to sell your home!  The only thing we can’t do is ship the house to them for free.

Ask yourself these questions:

Does your Realtor® have her own personal website – not just one that looks like every other Realtor’s in her office?

How accessible is your Realtor? Do you have multiple ways of reaching her?

Does your Realtor® just stick her sign on your front lawn or is she making your property visible to bloggers, Trulia, Zillow, Homes.com and the many other online search engines out there?

Mistake 8: Choosing the wrong Realtor…period!

Above all…Don’t mess this one up.  Select a Realtor® who is the right match for you, you must feel confident working with your Realtor. Select a FULL-TIME Realtor, one who KNOWS YOUR MARKET, can provide you with RELIABLE COMPS, is backed by EXPERIENCE.  Don’t be afraid of someone with new  and fresh marketing ideas… new technologies for today’s tech-savvy buyers is what gets your Cobb County home SOLD!

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