What is a Short Sale? (Video)

A short sale is one of the alternatives to foreclosure. It can be an excellent solution for homeowners who are upside down on their mortgage and need to sell. When a homeowner is “short”, the amount owed on his/her property is higher than the current market value. If you feel that you are facing a Financial Hardship a short sale may be right for you. For a quick overview, take a look at this short sale video…

Your best option is to work with a short sale expert. Karen J. Smith is a RE/MAX CDPE – Certified Distressed Property Expert serving Cobb, Paulding and Cherokee counties. Short sales can be a complex and lengthy process, but have a far less impact on your credit score and your future than a foreclosure would. For a FREE consultation to find out if you qualify for a short sale, please contact Karen J. Smith toll free at 866-465-2736 or fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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