Remembering September 11th

I was out in East Cobb yesterday to list a house in the Callanwolde subdivision.

I drove into a nearby subdivision to check out some comps and saw helium balloons with the American flag printed on them on every mailbox. There was a sign welcoming a soldier home who lived in there. My heart was touched and I wanted to thank him too, as his whole community was thanking him for his service.

Today I kept that soldier in mind as I thought back to what I was doing and where I was on September 11. I was a student at the Art Institute in Ft. Lauderdale,  in class, when someone came in and said a plane had hit the tower. We all thought it was a joke. We quickly turned on the news and witnessed the 2nd plane hit. I was horrified, I immediately called my husband, left my things where they were, got in my car and drove to my son’s daycare to pick him up. By the time I got home, my husband was there…we hugged each other and just cried.

I thank God today for our men and women in the service for extending our freedom. I dont know who that young man is in that East Cobb Neighborhood, but to him and his family…I say “Thank You”.

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