Is Atlanta Becoming The New Hollywood?

Atlanta Is The New HollywoodFilm and TV production continues to leave Hollywood for other cities throughout the United States as workers and businesses are chosing to relocate, reports The Wall Street Journal.

There is an exodus of lower wage workers (stunt doubles, production assistants, makeup artists and others who are critical to production sets) who are being lured by new tax incentives being offered by many states, the WSJ added.

And many of those leaving Hollywood are making the metro Atlanta area their new home. Back in 2008 the state of Georgia started offering a series of well-publicized tax credits to attract more media production. Movie, television and digital entertainment companies can receive up to 30 percent in tax breaks by working and hiring within the state.

Turner BroadcastingThese tax credits seem to be paying off with a multitude of construction projects that have either begun or are in the planning, including a massive complex being developed by Pinewood Shepperton who is the British studio that is the home to the James Bond movie franchise. Georgia-based productions already generate over 3 billion dollars a year for the state economy, which is an order of magnitude greater than other regional competitors such as Louisiana and North Carolina.

The Atlanta metro area is already the home of Turner Studios, Tyler Perry Studios and  EUE/Screen Gems. That list is expected to continue to grow as our lower cost of living, access to world-class production workers and our “southern hospitality” draw more production companies and employees to the area.

And did you know that the hit AMC series “The Walking Dead” is also filmed right here in town? So if you happen to see any Zombies on the ride home, you will understand why!


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