Great Listing Photos are Key to Your Home’s First Showing

Here’s Why Great Listing Photos are Key to Your Home’s First Showing

First impression leaves a lasting impression!  Great listing photos are your home’s first showing  –   your home is putting on the show of its life!  If you are serious about getting your home sold in a short amount of time,  for the most amount of money, then take your realtor seriously and follow the recommended tips to prepare your home to win with buyers.


1. This is an absolute No No!  Never have an agent list your home without listing photos

There is nothing more frustrating for a buyer than to receive a “new home on the market” alert in their email – only to find that the new listing has an address but no photos to show what that home looks like.  After all, buyers don’t envision themselves at an address, they envision themselves in a home that speaks to them visually.

Are you willing to miss out on a buyer because your agent listed your home without photos?  Buyers’ agents and buyers alike, may never come back to a listing that has no photos.  Buyers have no clue as to when if ever photos will be added – they simply move on to the next listing in most cases.

With that said, do give your agent sufficient time to touch up and resize photos so that your home looks its absolute best before listing your home.


2. Clean it!  Remove it! Organize it!  Do whatever it takes to get your home sold!

Buyers are looking at your home through a magnifying glass, they notice the smallest bit of clutter, the lack of care, the dust on the fan blades and anything else you fail to take care of before presenting your most prized possession on the worldwide web.

Your home is about to enter a beauty contest!  Take the time to prepare to show it off or prepare to miss the cut.


3. Ooh, this one is a pet peeve of mine – Bad Photos are unacceptable!

I can’t tell you how many listings I’ve seen with bad photos – many times, homes worth well over half a million dollars and someone had the nerve to list that home with images than show up so small or so blurry that you can hardly see what’s in the listing photos.  Hold your agent accountable!  He or she should either be able to take professional photography themselves or hire a professional who will take the time to showcase your home in the best way possible.  It doesn’t matter what size your home is either, your home deserves professional attention.

Images that are too small or have low resolution, or taken at the wrong angle, or with improper lighting does not sell homes!


4. This is not the time to skimp on the number of photos taken

In this case, more is better!  Great listing photos serve as a road map for potential buyers – its the first thing that leads them to your front door and what they use to envision themselves in your home.  Great listing photos spark buyers’ interest in your home.  The more a buyer can see, the more they want to see, the more it draws them in.  I’m excited that our Metro-Atlanta MLS databases now allow us to input up to 40 photos for each listing, this allows potential buyers to have a more emotional connection with your home.  The more connected a buyer feels to your home, the more they can envision themselves living there.


Are you serious about selling your home?
We’ll see to it that your home is a show stopper!


Source: Zillow

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