Photo of Midtown AtlantaForbes magazine has confirmed what we here in the Metro Atlana area already knew. That Atlanta is growing, and it is growing fast!

Atlanta ranked #12 on the Forbes’ list of America’s Fastest-Growing Cities for 2014.

The list reflects the 20 fastest growing metro areas in America in terms of population and economy. Austin Texas topped the list this year with a population growth of 2.5%.

Forbes reported strong growth in Atlanta with a median pay of $62,500, a growth rate of 1.27 percent and an unemployment rate of 7.07 percent.

Here is the complete top 20:

1. Austin, TX 11. Seattle, WA
2. Raleigh, NC 12. Atlanta, GA
3. Phoenix, AZ 13. Provo, UT
4. Dallas, TX 14. Cape Coral, FL
5. Salt Lake City, UT 15. Palm Bay, FL
6. Denver, CO 16. Boise, ID
7. Ugden, UT 17. Minneapolis, MN
8. Charlotte, NC 18. North Port, FL
9. Orlando, FL 19. San Jose, CA
10. Houston, TX 20. San Antonio, TX