Cobb County Officials Weighing Transit Solutions

Maglev Train OrlandoCobb County Commissions are awaiting the results of a bus rapid-transit study that proposes to connect Kennesaw with the City of Atlanta.  They have also explored a number of alternatives such as monorail and magnetic levitation trains.

Tony Morris, president of AMT, a Marietta-based company that specializes in magnetic levitation development, has said that his company can build a maglev train for about $25 million per mile, the Marietta Daily Journal reports.

AMT has been promoting the development and implementation of maglev technologies for decades. They estimate that the 21+ mile proposed route from Kennesaw State University to the Perimeter would cost approximately $472 million.

The Atlanta Braves had previously partnered with AMT and had hoped, prior to the team’s decision to move to Cobb County, that a maglev train could be built to connect the Georgia State MARTA station to Turner Field to help improve transportation in and out of the stadium.

Ron Sifen, who is a member of the Cobb County Transit System Advisory Board, invited Morris as well as William Owen, owner of the Georgia Monorail Consortium, to speak before the transit board on Monday.

“Neither really presented themselves as being an alternative to BRT (bus rapid-transit) for Cobb Connect,” Sifen said after the meeting. “That doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be a more cost-effective way of doing the Cobb Connect project, but at least for tonight, they have not yet positioned themselves as an alternative way of doing the Cobb Connect project.”

Commissioners have expressed concerns over the ongoing maintenance and operation costs that could be associated with these alternative transit solutions.  These concerns are in addition to the question of whether voters would agree to a transportation tax to help fund the development of any proposed solution.

Read more on this at the Marietta Daily Journal.


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