Why You Should Have An Agent When Buying New Construction

Buyers should have an agent looking out for their best interest!

Many buyers today are attracted to new construction – brand spanking new home, clean carpets, new stainless steel appliances etc., who can blame you? What most buyers don’t realize is that they can and should have their own agent to represent them when buying a new construction home.

Many buyers think that the builder’s representative on site will work solely for the buyer, when in reality they represent the builder. Buyers also believe they can get a better deal if they do not have an agent with them.  The biggest myth buyers believe is that since the builder does not have to pay a commission to your own agent, you can get the priced reduced by the agent’s commission.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!

In fact, it is quite the opposite. Builders welcome a buyer’s agent as they are the “go-to person” to help make the transaction run smoothly and believe me there are many things that can go wrong.  A qualified buyer’s agent understands the language in the contract and helps to take some of the pressure off the builder and the builder’s representative on site. A buyer’s agent also has the negotiating skills to get you more incentives from the builder than you would on your own.  Now some of these incentives may be closing costs which is usually offered by a lender of the builder’s choice – which you can get with or without your own agent but there are many other incentives that your realtor can negotiate into your sale for you (some most buyers don’t even think about).

Here is the best deal – you never have to pay a commission to your agent when buying a home.  The builder has already accommodated for a commission to your agent, if you don’t use an agent, guess who gets the benefit?  Builders generally don’t go down on the purchase price when a community is selling because they want to keep the value of the homes up in that community and they know another buyer will come along.  You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with your own agent. Having someone that solely represents you is in your best interest.

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