5 Tips for Selling Your Home in Marietta in 2013

Are you thinking of selling your Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth or Powder Springs home…and walking away with a profit? Well… you’re not alone! Every homeowner or investor wanting to sell their home has in mind to make a profit from the sale of their property. If you have a home in Marietta or surrounding areas and you’re thinking of selling, consider these tips to help you achieve your goal. (Video below…)

1. Is this the right time for you to sell your Marietta home?
Historically, more home owners waited until spring to list their Marietta home, since more home buyers waited for the winter to be over to purchase a home. That trend is definitely changing as we are seeing that buyers who were unable to buy at the end of summer and fall due to low inventory are preparing to buy in the winter months. We are seeing significant demand and our inventory of homes in Marietta are at a historic low. Early January would be the perfect time to list your Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth or Powder Springs home for sale. It would be a great time to get ahead of the spring sellers market and capture the serious home buyers that are frantically searching for a home. Also good to note, homes have been selling at or near list price since more home buyers are competing for the same home! Don’t wait for Spring, list in the Winter!

2. Is your home ready to sell in today’s market?
Before you list your Marietta home for sale, we advise you to first prepare it for the market by removing any imperfections. Tasks such as repainting the home so that it will look pleasing to the eye and give a positive first impression to your potential buyers, updating the kitchen and bathroom with granite, new fixtures, lighting etc. are worth doing. Keep in mind that buyers significantly reduce their offer price on homes that are in need of repair or updating; their estimates to replace these items are usually double what the actual cost would be to Marietta home owners. We also recommed to our sellers to get a home inspection done up front, that way you can address any issues that may come up later. You can also offer potential home buyers a copy of the inspection report along with issues you have addressed, this makes your home much more attractive to a home buyer.
On the hand, if your home is already updated and everything is shinny and clean… and your home makes a great first impression then your are more likely to procure a much higher offer price.

3. How do your rooms look..spacious or cluttered?
Homebuyers are visual, that means they look at how big the rooms are. Removing unnecessary items that may clutter the space, makes a room seem visually bigger in size which in turn makes it more appealing to buyers. I recommend renting a storage unit to store oversized furniture and items that can clutter. Using a storage unit also saves you time once your house goes under contract. Keep in mind that it is a good idea to declutter BEFORE you list your home!

4. Do you know what your Marietta home is worth?
The current market condition determines the cost of a home. Before listing your home in Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth or Powder Springs, it is advisable that you find out the market value of your home. Your local Realtor® can help with that information.

5. Have you selected an agent to sell your Marietta home?
Most real estate agents will list your home in the Multiple Listing Service(MLS). However, you’ll want to hire a professional real estate agent who is reliable, communicates well and knows how to utilize the best online marketing strategies to market to today’s buyers who are searching for properties online. You want a realtor who will go above and beyond the traditional forms of marketing.

For more tips on marketing your Marietta home, watch this video:

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